Car Collections

Would you like to receive a Fast, No-Nonsense Car Collection for your vehicle? Our Free Car Removals are available Adelaide wide and come with the promise of a highly competitive Cash for Cars payment up to $9,999.

Instant Cash, Instant Quotes and a Lightning Fast Car Collection – that’s the ABC Cash for Cars promise.

Our Free Car Collections Can Be Completed in Under an Hour – That’s Less Time Out of Your Day and More Time for You to Relax

Our Free Car Removals have been perfected thanks to our 15+ years of industry experience. Our Fully Licensed Car Removals Experts know how to handle any car removal no matter what condition your vehicle is in, what make or model, or where it is located. You are also welcome to deliver your vehicle yourself which may potentially grant you a slightly higher Cash for Cars deal.

Car Collections

Our Advanced Tow Trucks are Fully Equipped to Give You the Service You Need

Where you own an Unwanted Car, van or truck – our advanced range of tow trucks are able to support vehicles of all sizes. On top of this, we can arrive quickly at your vehicles location even is on the road post-accident.

Is Your Car Damaged, Old, Accident or Scrap? We’ll Remove it for Free

We buy and remove vehicles ‘As Is’ – in other words, your damaged car which may be unsellable to traditional car buyers is with worth Top Dollar to us. Whatever condition your car is in, we’ll pay for it with up to $9,999.

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We Provide Car Collection at Zero Cost

Do you own an old rust-bucket that’s lying around on your property? The best time to have it removed is today, thanks to ABC Cash for Car’s cost-free Car Removals. We’ve put an end to towing fees and scrap cars taking up space because when you choose ABC Cash for Cars, you benefit greatly with up to $9,999 in Instant Cash.

Why Not Skip the Land Fill with Our Eco-Friendly Car Collections?

ABC Cash for Cars’ Auto Recycling Facility is a guaranteed and reliable way to dispose of your unwanted car while avoiding any harmful footprints on the environment. Our Auto Recycling Facility is a good-willed alternative to the pollution and chemical runoff that can occur from leaving your vehicle at a landfill.

We dismantle vehicles for their auto parts and materials including:

  • Their Metals
  • Their Tyres
  • Their Rims
  • Their Plastics
  • Their Glass
  • Their Sound System
  • Their Engine Parts
  • And Many More Parts

How Does ABC Cash for Cars’ Car Collection/Free Car Removals Work?

To receive your Free Car Removal, you simply need to call us for a quick phone chat. From there, you’ll receive your ‘Instant Quote’ and then can schedule your Car Removal where you’ll receive your Top Cash for Cars payment and have your vehicle towed free of charge. You simply need to bring Photo ID (such as your driver’s license or passport), Proof of Ownership and have your number plates removed.

Contact ABC Cash for Cars today at 0498 333 777

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